Oh dear, is that darn cat spraying again?

That’s putting it quite mildly.

cat spraying

Most folks don’t appreciate this at all. In fact, when it happens over their garden wall or out on their back door step, they go red. They see red and they start fuming. They can’t stand the smell that the old alley cat leaves behind. They go blind with rage so much so that they can never appreciate that it’s not some mangy alley cat doing the spraying. They are blind with ignorance in believing that only dirty alley cats are doing the spraying.

If you are a cat lover, you will laugh yourself silly. Those very folks who seem to hate cats are going on about just a little cat spraying? Do they even know what’s really going on? Did they not stop and think just what their bowser of a dog has been up to lately. Do they know about his naughty little habit of dropping his turds on neighbors’ lawns instead of rightfully doing it on theirs? Perhaps the poor mutt is just so darn scared.

And do they know that cats are just about the cleanest animals, domestic or wild, about? Do they know how cats take care of their business? One girl saw this for the very first time in her life and she was gob smacked. She could not believe her eyes. She had to ask; do cats, male or female, really do that. Oh, absolutely, and have those cat haters seen just how well cats wash and clean themselves at night. Or any time of the day for that matter.

And when the gentlemanly cat does just a little bit of spraying out in the back, he’s really in love, you know.

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