4 Types of Fish Found in the Outer Banks

If you want to experience a fishing adventure like nothing else in this world, heading out to the Outer Banks of the North Carolina coast is a vacation to plan. No matter where you live in the country, you will love this getaway if you are an outdoorsman that loves phenomenal fishing. OBX Fishing is enjoyed by thousands of men and women, as well as families, every year. It is time for you to enjoy it like so many others.

When you head to the Outer Banks, there are so many different types of fish that you can catch as you enjoy your adventure. We cannot list them all here, but we will look at four of those types. Aren’t you excited, and very much ready, to get away to North Carolina and enjoy the best OBX Fishing that you can?


Flounder is popularly found in the waters of the Outer Banks. If you catch Flounder, you are limited to only six of them. The fish is easy to recognize because of its flat shape.


Wahoo are found in the OBX waters all year long, but most fisherman have the best luck catching them during the summer when the waters are the warmest. The Wahoo is a fast swimmer, so prepare yourself for this catch!


OBX Fishing

Bluefish do not permanently live in the Outer Banks waters, so if you want to catch them, you will need to plan your visit from March to November before they migrate. Fishermen can take 15 Bluefish home per day, however, there are weight restrictions in place.

Striped Bass

The Striped Bass is one of the easiest types of fish to catch. It is found in the waters all year long although October through April are the best month for a catch. These fish can be as long a 24-inches in length. Fishermen are limited to two of these fish per day.